Murfitts Industries

Murfitts Industries are the leading manufacturer in premium rubber granules used in artificial playing fields, sports pitches and running tracks. Their product has been used for the Olympic Games. Murfitts Industries have a state of the art factory in Lakenheath. Honest created a complete new brand and all promotional materials for them.

At Honest, my role was to help with work on logo ideas and to design a new website styled up with the final brand feel and photography. I produced all concept and template work for this project and presented the work to the client.

Some selected page designs:

"Tammy has many great qualities as a Senior Designer, not only can she turn her hand at creating a brand defining campaign utilising real insight and a 'sixth sense' for what will work for the consumer but also has that rare skill of being able to breathe life into that vision through her creative technical skills too. Media design & build, campaign web sites, moving image and illustrative knowledge coupled with marketing edge, is an appealing mix of skills that make Tammy a unique designer. "

Rajen Mistry, Head of Creative at Golley Slater Digital

"Tammy worked for us (Mobas) on a number of occasions on a freelance basis. Tammy worked exceptionally well with our team and produced fantastic results. Tammy clearly understood the briefs given to her and our clients were always extremely pleased with her designs."

Martyn Abbott, Digital Projects Manager at Mobas