Amberstone - Riskwatch

Amberstone Riskwatch Animation from Tammy Ward on Vimeo.

This video was created for the Amberstone Riskwatch product, by translating a brochure design into moving image. It was to be used to showcase the key features of the product at exhibitions and in presentations where there would be a salesperson present to talk the customer through. 

I storyboarded the sequence for this video using illustrations provided to me, and animated using After Effects. This was created for the agency Network Design

"Tammy has many great qualities as a Senior Designer, not only can she turn her hand at creating a brand defining campaign utilising real insight and a 'sixth sense' for what will work for the consumer but also has that rare skill of being able to breathe life into that vision through her creative technical skills too. Media design & build, campaign web sites, moving image and illustrative knowledge coupled with marketing edge, is an appealing mix of skills that make Tammy a unique designer. "

Rajen Mistry, Head of Creative at Golley Slater Digital